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Exclamation Iron Maiden -- Camden, NJ -- October 7th, 2006

Alright, well Maiden is such a big deal to so many of us here, I figured I should make writing this review a primary concern. Don't worry. I'll be providing a shit loud of details about almost anything and everything regarding the show.

We all probably know the set list already, so I'll get it out of the way first:
1-10 A Matter of Life and Death
11.Fear of the Dark
12.Iron Maiden
13.2 Minutes to Midnight
14.The Evil That Men Do
15.Hallowed Be Thy Name

Alright, In attendance for this show was me, along with several good friends... My sister, my friend John (theclansman1114), my friend Nick, and my friend Chad... we also knew many other people at the show and hung out with them before, after, and during, but the 5 of us went together.
We got there around 4:30, and basically spent the two hours before the show hanging out and blasting Maiden out of the car... despite knowing the set list, we mainly focused on Maiden we loved that we knew we wouldn't hear... but anyway, doors opened at 6:30, we spent a good half hour in the merchandise line, but it was well worth it.
There are 6 or 7 DIFFERENT T-Shirt designs, 2 longsleeves, a hoodie, a baseball jersey, hat, beanie, wristband, wallet, pin set, tour poster, backpatch, and I believe one or two other items as well... There was so much stuff that I began to feel like the $90 I brought for merch wouldnt be near enough... In the end I bought 2 shirts and wristband...
We then kinda loitered in the lobby for 20 minutes... then decided to file in... we thought we had pretty good seats being our section/row number, but turns out myself and my friend John would've had a very very horrible view of the stage due to the angle we were on... luckily, his friend who was also there had 2 extra tickets for friends of his that couldn't make it, so he let us take them, we moved back several rows but to very close to center of the stage... proved to be an excellent decision.
So, about 15-20 minutes later, Bullet For My Valentine took the stage. Ugh. Musically, they actually had some decently good stuff going on from time to time, but the vocals were just absolutely fucking atrocious. Luckily I only had to suffer through about 3 songs before John called me out into the lobby to talk to me for a while, we remained in-lobby for the rest of their set. When they were done, he gave them a hailstorm of boo-ing.
The wait for Maiden was actually surprisingly painless. We were able to talk a bit and sit down, so it wasn't bad... things moved along very timely. Before we knew it, Doctor Doctor came on over the PA, we stould up and sang along.

The show...
What can I say, I'm simply floored. Not to say I wasn't expecting a stellar production from Maiden, but god damn, this was one hell of a show. The sound was amazing, some of the best live sound I've heard. By the end of the second song, the mix was very very good... you could hear every instrument well as well as having the vocals be perfectly audible...
The band themselves puts one hell of a show, this is no secret. The band always supplies a great amount of running around... I have to admit, I was very very happy with Bruce... his voice sounded very good, he put on a good show, and didn't get carried away with any rants...
The lighting really adds a lot to the show... I feel they have perfect medium... they're lighting is very precise and elaborate, but it doesnt become the show (cough cough Pink Floyd). It really just enhances the performance.
And speaking of performance enhancement, I was quite impressed by the backdrops on this tour... They had a Different World backdrop, These Colours Don't Run backdrop, Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg backdrop, The Longest Day backdrop, AMOLAD cover backdrop, 2MtM backdrop, and I believe even or two others as well... very nice.
And the stage looks very excellent as well. Clearly they were going for a war theme. They've got sandbags towards the front as well as various other pictures and such as part of the stage scenery... Eddie comes out during the Evil That Men Do with a gun and starts shooting the crowd... And the tank...
... Yeah, the tank. Interesting story behind that. As you probably know at this point, there's a big ass tank that's supposed to pop up during the song Iron Maiden... we were waiting for it, and waiting for it... but it never came... we all started shouting: "WHERE'S THE TANK?!?!" It never came. Bruce apologized when they came back for the encores cause apparently the power sources couldn't make it happen. Figures. Fuckin A. Oh well, at least our show will be remembered for being unique.
Highlight songs of the night were These Colours Don't Run, For the Greater Good of God, and The Evil That Men Do.

I was very very upset with the people at this show. From the 3rd or 4th song in, people started yelling to "play some old shit", even after Bruce told the audience they were playing the whole new album... As soon as the lights came on at the end, people started flipping out, swearing at the band, saying they'd never see Maiden again. Frankly, fuck those people. Seriously. This was Maiden's highest charting album debut in the US ever, but I don't understand how, since apparently nobody likes it... the crowd was DEAD through the majority of the show... we were the only guys really into it. First off, you have no one to be upset with but yourself. If you come to see a band supporting their new album, you should expect tour hear their new album, not usually the whole thing, but most often most of it, there's a reason they call it the A MAtter of Life and Death tour as opposed to just "Iron Maiden tour 2006". And frankly, it's as simple as this:
Maiden does greatest hits tours almost every other year now. When they tour in support of a new studio album, they should play it, and frankly I wish they would've done it for Brave New World and maybe even Dance of Death as well... they're great albums and the band is proud of them, they should showcase them. If you want to hear entirely songs from 1984 and earlier, you shouldn't fucking come to see them on this tour. I hate people that think when a bands been around for 25 years, they still have to cater to their exact wants for a set list. Frankly, I'm glad Maiden did this. It shows that they have a backbone and actually aren't afraid to break away from predictability.

The show ended around 11:30, all of us met back up and filed outside, where we hung out for a while with Jon Murphy, the singer from McBrain Damage as well as some other friends. We left the venue around 12, stopped to get something to drink and such, then left to come home... I got home about an hour and a half ago.

I must say, one hell of a fucking night.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free.
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