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Favorite guitar solos

The fuck with the "official lists", what are your all time personal favorite guitar solos?

In no order:

Dave Murray- Iron Maiden- "Powerslave"
Adrian Smith- Iron Maiden- "Stranger in a Strange Land"
Steve Hackett- Genesis- "Firth of Fifth"
Steve Hackett- Genesis- "The Lamia"
David Gilmour- Pink Floyd- "Comfortably Numb"
Chris DeGarmo- Queensr˙che- "The Mission"
Mikael Åkerfeldt- Opeth- "A Fair Judgement"
Alex Lifeson- Rush- "Freewill"
Alex Lifeson- Rush- "Limelight"
Criss Oliva- Savatage- "Edge of Thorns"
Marty Friedman- Megadeth- "Holy Wars...the Punishment Due"
Jerry Cantrell- Alice in Chains- "Man in the Box"
Jimmy Page- Led Zeppelin- "Stairway to Heaven"
K.K. Downing/Glenn Tipton- Judas Priest- "Beyond the Realms of Death"
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