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Worst metallica set (in my opinnion)

Ok, im taking a big risk,im a huge metallica fan, but if they were to play this set, i would be very disappointed... (im also trying not to include the majority of songs from st. anger, load or reload )

My World
Through the never
Tuesday's Gone
Sweet Amber
Free Speech for the dumb
----------------------------- (Break)
Ain't my bitch
The thing that should not be
Until it sleeps
Fight Fire With Fire
Metal Militia
(right i would normally end the set here, but i then realised that metallica nearly always play master of puppets, enter sandman, one and seek and destroy, and the only way to make them songs sound really bad is as follows........

One (At the start, one of the fireworks goes off right next to kirk, and it blows his left hand off, so they play the rest of the set with out kirk, and also blows lars' drum set to pieces, he is forced to play the rest of the set with a tirangle!!!)

Seek and destroy
Master of puppets
Enter Sandman

Lol.....sorry it isnt ver serious towards the end!
You can't Kill Rock n Roll
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