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Stratovarius -- New York, NY -- October 2nd, 2006

Hunting High and Low
Black Diamond
The Kiss Of Judas
Speed of Light
A Million Light Years Away
The Abyss Of Your Eyes
Distant Skies
Will My Soul Ever Rest In Peace?
Visions (Southern Cross)
Ode To Joy/Forever
Father Time

I don't think the order is right from about Speed Of Light to Visions, but those are the songs they played.

It was a great show, but I took a while to post it because I know this band isn't too well liked on this bored and I couldn't remember the set really. Instead of writing a full review, I'd just like to say that Strato are a fucking great band and put on a great, fun, energetic show (both times I've seen 'em have been great). They're all really funny and cool guys too. Awesome show.
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