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Overkill -- Allentown, PA -- October 3rd, 2006

Alright, another show, another review.

Last night was Overkill's show at Crocodile Rock in Allentown, PA. Yes, this was a Gigantour off-date... I'm a sizeable Overkill fan, so when they play like 5-10 minutes from me for $10, I'm there. Also, I was attending for one of the support bands as well, Beyond Fallen, who are currently stirring things up, having just announced some European dates for early next year.
I attended the show with my good friend John (Theclansman1114), as well as his friend Aly, and Mike, who showed up seperately later in the evening.

There were a total of 5 support bands for Overkill. Four of them were absolutely terrible. I shit you not, some of the worst bands I've ever had to endure. Absolute garbage. No cause I don't like the style, cause it was just fucking terrible, regardless of what it was trying to be.
Anyway, Beyond Fallen was the 4th band on. I'd seen these guys once before and have become quite a fan. They're not an astounding or amazing band, but their hearts are in the right place and I definately really like a few of their songs. They played a very good set as I expected from them, though unfortunately short... their set list:
1.Fuel the Fire
2.Mask of Deception
3.Bringing Out the Dead
4.The Lowest Point
5.Concrete Lucifer
6.The Rise of the Fallen

After their set, we killed some time by hanging out with the band and taking some really neat pictures... Hopefully I'll get a chance to post them on here relatively soon.

So, around 11, Overkill came on. I must say, it was a great show. They sounded better than they did the last time I saw them back in March, and I had a lot of fun. Frankly... today has been hell... My neck hurts, my arms hurt, my throat hurts... But hey, I had a great time and that's what matters.
Overkill set list:
2.Rotten to the Core
3.The Battle
4.Hello From the Gutter
5.Thankx For Nothing
6.Deny the Cross
8.Blood Money
9.Nice Day For a Funeral
10.Guitar Solo
11.? (I believe it was Spiritual Void, I could be mistaken)
12.Old School
14.Fuck You

Yeah, kind of a short set, but they gave it their all like they always do, so I can't complain. Count me in for next time.
After the show we stuck around a while and managed to get some pictures with Blitz!
Enjoy the review.
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