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Well here's the deal, they change up their setlist pretty much every night but this is what they played in Paris on October 1st.

01. War of Wrath.
02. Into the Storm
03. Born in a mourning Hall
04. Nightfall
05. Bright Eyes
06. Time stands still at the iron Hill
07. Valhalla
08. The Script for my Requiem
09. Ashes to Ashes
10. Fly
11. And then there was Silence
12. Welcome to dying
13. Another stranger me
14. Imaginations from the other side
15. Bard's Song
16. Mirror Mirror

**They also played Harvest Of Sorrow

Other songs they have been playing in their sets include This Will Never End, Carry The Blessed Home, Lost In The Twilight Hall, Skalds And Shadows, And The Story Ends, Punishment Divine, and Lord Of The Rings.

Hope this helps brother.
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