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Vital Remains -- New York City, NY -- October 1st, 2006

Headlined by Dismember, but I'm not familiar enough with them to even attempt to post their set.

Fucking shit. I don't feel like typing out a long report but Vital Remains was goddamn awesome. The vocalist they're touring with does spot-on Benton vocals, so there wasn't really anything lacking there--and he was a fucking madman! Many times throughout their set he jumped into the crowd, continued doing vocals there, started furious pits, and was letting fans do vocals again and again. The guy was very cool. As for the other members, they are absolute beasts on their instruments as one would imagine, though the mix wasn't very good so it was hard to hear them at times and the snare drum wasn't loud enough (very very bad for a band with so many blastbeats). Other thing is that they didn't play any old stuff, but as I'm only really familiar with Dechristianize it didn't bother me. Here's the set, easy enough as they just played the first six tracks from the album:

1. Let the Killing Begin (Intro)
2. Dechristianize
3. Infidel
4. Devoured Elysium
5. Savior to None... Failure For All...
6. Unleashed Hell

Oh, and Dave Suzuki shaved his head
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