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Gigantour -- Homdel, NJ -- September 30th, 2006

2 awesome bands + 6 piles of shit = Gigantour!

Well, yesterday I went with Overkiller to Gigantour at PNC Bank Art Center. As we pulled into the parking lot and looked for a parking spot, we obviously saw tons of people tailgating. But in the row we turned into, we drove past a group of people I recognised, a few old school IMBBers from NJ: Golden_Goose, SkeletonCrew, AstroLaura, and MrsMariner. So we pulled in by them, said hello, and hung out there for a while. We remembered out friend Matt was gonna be there, so I gave him a call and he said he was there, so he drove over to where we were and he had a few people with him: his brother Jay, my neighbor Eric, their friend Brian, and Matt's friend Artie. We spent the whole day with Matt and his crew.

So 4 o'clock comes along and we knew The Smash Up were gonna be coming on so we were like "Fuck that." and are hot dogs and hamburgers provided by the IMBBers. Around 4:30 we decided to go in. We got to where the stage was the Sanctity was playing, so, again, we said "Fuck that." and went to the merchandice stand. None of us got anything, but we made fun of posers for a while. After Sanctity went off, we made our way over to see what Into Eternity would be like.

Anywho, after that, Overkill took the stage. Their set was sadly short. They kicked ass though.

1. Rotten to the Core
2. Thanx for Nothin'
3. Elimination
4. Old School
5. Fuck You

As Arch Enemy was being set up, we went to the bathroom and whatnot, and then they took the stage. We didnt go back to our seats, but instead just hung out in the lawn. We could see 150 feet away or so on the middle part of the lawn, there were 200-300 or more mallcore idiots "hardcore dancing" and "moshing" and such, and they were rocking the rail back and forth really hard. We made fun of them for a while and then kept watching AE. Then we look back over at them and got scared ... 100 or so of them were marching toward our area with some dude with a comb-over mohawk leading the way, point forward. We started yelling "Poser army!" and moved up against the raid so we didnt get slammed into. As they "moshed" behind us, we looked over to the ones that remained where they were and they broke the rail off from all the pulling and tugging they did on it.

After AE, the whole Poser Army literally disappeared, they were gone without any of us even seeing them go. But anyway, then Opeth came on and we went to our seats. No offense Brad but ... what the fuck? They were so bad. Anyway, the 7 of us just sat there, sighing, waiting for their seemingly never-ending set to end. Then Lamb of God came on ... good lord. I don't even know what to say. They're so bad, and I really hate their fans. There was this kid in the row behind us a few seats down ... it seriously looked like he was having a really bad seisure, and then he's start violently punching the air, then back to his siesure, etc etc. He did this the entire set, I know because I couldn't stop looking back at him and wanting to throw him down the stairs. Though, I must say, there was one thing I enjoyed while they were up there. Before one of their songs, the "singer" was like "Blah blah blah it's our guitarists birthday." so they brought out a cake for him. The guitarist picked up the cake, looked at it, and threw it into the crowd.

Anyway, they finally left the stage. 'Deth took the stage with an explosion at the start of Blackmail the Universe, and the explosions and fire were going all through the show, it was great. They put on an awesome show, and since I hadnt really read the previous setlists from here, I was surprised to hear a bunch of songs, i.e. Take No Prisoners, Devil's Island, and Mechanix. The set was:

1. Blackmail the Universe
2. Set the World Afire
3. Wake Up Dead
4. Skin O’ My Teeth
5. In My Darkest Hour
6. Take No Prisoners
7. Devil’s Island
8. She-Wolf
9. Symphony of Destruction
10. Trust
11. Hangar 18
12. Washington’s Next
13. Kick the Chair
14. Tornado of Souls
15. Peace Sells
16. Mechanix
17. Holy Wars ... The Punishment Due

Even though most of the bands sucked ass, it was worth it to see Overkill and Megadeth. Anyway, afterward as we were going to our cars, Matt had to take a piss, so we went next to some car and peed next to the tire. Little did we know, the people who owned the car were right behind us. They were like "Dude, that's my car ". Right before we started to walk away were like "What the hell, it smells like shit right here? Next to where Matt peed, there was a big pile of shit. It was disgusting, haha.

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