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Godsmack / Rob Zombie -- St. Louis, MO -- Septmeber 17th, 2006

Shinedown opened the show and played from 7-7:40. Here is their set:

Crying Out
Fly From the Inside
Better Version
Simple Man
Begin Again
Save Me

I'm not a big fan, but I give them credit in that they sounded good and did exactly what an opening band is supposed to do. They got the crowd warmed up very well as by the end of their set, a vast majority of the crowd was up and going. I was a little surprised by the set containing more songs from their previous album as opposed to the new one, but oh well.

Zombie was up next. He played from 8-9 (although they shut the lights out and started his intro tape at 7:50). Here is his set, which is basically an abbreviated version of a set I read on here someone posted, I believe from the Evansville show:

American Witch
Living Dead Girl
More Human Than Human
Never Gonna Stop
House of 1000 Corpses
Let It All Bleed Out
Foxy Foxy
Thunderkiss '65
The Devil's Rejects

A very good show, and he had his old full stage show back, complete with all of the video screens, pyro, and of course the dancing women. And for it having to be a shorter setlist, I was happy with it. I wouldn't have minded another older White Zombie song it, but I'm not complaining.

Godsmack was the headliner and they played from 9:20-11. They had a bit less elaborate stage, but much bigger obviously. They had 4 different risers with steps all leading up to an elevated stage above the drummer. Here is their set:

Straight Out of Line
Livin' In Sin
Moon Baby
Keep Away
Guitar Solo
Dueling Drum Solos **(For those that haven't seen Godsmack, they roll another full drum set out for Sully and he basically has a duel with the drummer, Shannon Larkin. In all honesty, I could do without this. This is the fourth straight tour they've done this on, and every time it gets longer. To me this eats up a possible 3 maybe 4 more songs they could include. And hey, if they are going to do it, at least they could do it early in the show before the venue cuts off beer sales! Okay, I'm off my soapbox. Back to the set list.)**
Shine Down (and as predictable as the sun rising in the East, the lead singer of Shinedown came out to sing this with them)
I Stand Alone

They played an excellent show, and I thought the setlist was very good. They definitely made sure to represent all of their albums with multiple songs from each.

Overall, barring some vocal mixing in the early parts of Shinedown and Zombie's sets, and the drum solo thing, which is all minor, this was an excellent show and and excellent night of music.
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