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Originally Posted by DethMaiden

I think 90% of the world agrees with you though

Is that smiley trying to represent angry body language with semen? Cos it's not doing a very good job.

In all seriousness, the thing that bugs me about Opeth is Mikey's singing voice. It's just fucking weird, and it really just seems out of place on a metal album. And of course there are the "pauses." I say pauses because there are certain points where they are just grooving along, I guess trying to achieve some type of buildup, and then they just stop. For no apparent reason. And those pauses are a lot longet than they need to be. It's like "Uh, guys, your supposed to be playing a ten minute song?" At least the "Discovery" section of 2112 makes sense conceptually, despite the fact that it is musically boring. There are alot of things that seem out of place with Opeth once you look at the big picture, but they don't really bug you the first time you hear them.

That said, they do have a penchant for melody, and if they just decided to drop the pretnese of a metal band, they could be a damn good prog rock band.
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