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K after a while of pissing around, i think ive cracked it:

Trivium: (45 mins)

-Anthem (we are the fire)
-Ember to inferno
-Like Light to the flies
-Dying in your arms
-Pull Harder....

Iron Maiden:

-Different World
-These Colours Dont Run
-No More Lies
-A Brave New World
-Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
-2 mintues to midnight
-Dance Of Death
-Rain maker
-Fear Of The Dark
-Hallowed Be Thy Name
-Afraid To shoot strangers?????
-Iron Maiden
-Out Of the shadows
-Number Of The Beast
-Run To The Hills

Ok it was very difficult, but just tried picking the maiden songs that would sound good live from the new album (good chorous's) and classics (dunno where afraid to shoot strangers came from.....)

i'll enjoy reading your predictions!!!

Maiden for evere
You can't Kill Rock n Roll
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