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Originally Posted by DethMaiden
Fuck Randy Blythe. Fuck Lamb of God. Fuck Lamb of God fans. Fuck encouraging crowd-surfers. Fuck encouraging violent mosh pits. Fuck same sounding music. And most of all, if you like Lamb of God, fuck you. Thatís all I have to say.

Just got back from Gigantour, and man I totally agree with that. My friend was cheap so we ended up on the lawn. The front of the lawn. I lost count of how many Lamb of God fans we had to literally throw off ourselves. Fuck bands that encourage this shit. It's fine until they start dragging in people that want nothing to do with their retarded gay man-handling of each other ("moshing" I believe it's called.)

Opeth blew my mind though. Those guys were great. It was 45 degrees with a cold breeze, so Mikael advised headbanging to stay warm.

Megadeth was pretty good too, but what a shitty mix. What is Megadeth like Iron Maiden now... too good for a soundcheck? Good grief.

Oh and Overkill is ridiculous. Good grief, is that vocalist serious? He sounds like such a corny weirdo in his crowd banter. And I'm not sure what the first song they played was called, but it had a part where he did a lot of screaming and it was just... there was people laughing down where we were. Seriously. Are these guys from the 80's and still opening at like 5 PM Sad, just sad.
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