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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72

Also, Opeth losing Godhead's Lament and not being well received + no Take No Prisoners = suck.
they had to cut something dude....Lamb of God were too full of themselves to moderate their time.....

It was so fucking awesome.....during Holy Wars, Dave stepped back to let Drover solo, and he looked stage right, and this dude with a clip board and headphones was telling him to "cut it, stop, end" because of the curfew...but dave just shoot his head and mouthed "no."

He even flipped him off (I think)...And everytime a crowd surfer was pulled down and escorted out of the arena, Dave stared down at them and shook his head at the security guards.

just goes to show, DAVE CAN STILL STICK IT TO THE MAN!!!
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