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Gigantour 2006 -- Columbus, OH -- September 23rd, 2006

Brad was supposed to write the review for this show, but I guess I can. He has the set lists for Into Eternity, Sanctity, Lamb Of God, and Megadeth.
TOUR: Gigantour 2006
VENUE: Nationwide Arena---Columbus Ohio
DATE: Saturday: Sept. 23rd, 2006
ATTENDED W/: Dethmaiden, brother. (no adults )
GEAR WORN: Iron Maiden AMOLAD, Mastodon/Blood Mountain wristbands
MERCH PURCHASED: Opeth wristband, Megadeth bandana
MOSHING REPORT: Moderate to Heavy
REVIEWED: September 24th

sorry Pavo

I am not going to sugarcoat this review with fancy words like Brad does, because I am not a very good writer. But, I will try my best

My brother and I got dropped off at Brad's house around 10:30 am. We chilled in his computer room and listened to muzac. We got on the road around noon. Brad's dad dropped us off around 1:30/2:00. We stood around until around 4:00, before they finally opened the doors. They were going to make my brother throw away his DIO watch because it had "D rings" on it, but I found a way to rip them off.

Brad bought an Opeth shirt inside, and my brother got the Gigantour 2006 shirt. We grabbed a rail spot (which we held the whole night )

The Smashup came on, and I did not like them at all. They music was okay for radio rock, but I couldn't hear the vocals (a good thing?) There were a few teenage girls, which the singer sang to the whole time. I DO know they played Rachel's Day, I dont know the other songs.

As more people filed in, Sanctity came in. They pretty good. They were talented, but they didnt click with me. I think Brad has the setlist for these guys.

Into Eternity took the stage. They were fucking awesome. The singer's falsetto is unbelievable. They really got the blood going. They're going places

Overkill came on, amidst the screams and chants of the crowd. I dont listen to Overkill frequently, but I have heard them. I didnt know most of the songs, but that didnt prevent me from enjoying it. Again, Brad has the setlist. I noticed at this show, and at Speed/Kill\Hate, that Dave Linsk smiles excessively. He doesnt really have a mean face, he just smiles very "loudly." Randy and Wille from LoG came out to sing Old School.

After a half-hour of break-down and set-up, Arch Enemy came on. The guitar were driving. The drums were pounding. Angela sounded as good as ever. I know many of you dont think Angela is hot, but I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY.....FUCK YOU! She is a fucking fox. The way she struts.........that may be teenage hormones talking Anyway, I caught a pick and a setlist after the show. Here it is:

Dead Eyes See No Future
My Apocalypse
Out For Blood
We Will Rise/ Bridge of Destiny

Opeth came on next. Dont get me wrong: I like Opeth. From what I have heard, they are a talented band that makes great music on both sides of the spectrum. But they shouldnt be on this tour. They used the Ghost Reveries back drop. Most of the crowd stood around talking and one girl next to Brad fell asleep on the rail. Alot of the crowd enjoyed them, but for some, they werent fast enough. Heres the set.

Ghost of Perdition
Leper Affinity

Brad was pissed that they only got 4 songs, but there is supposedly a curfew in the venue, so. Arch Enemy were supposed to play Dead Bury Your Dead, but I suppose they cut it out for the same reason. Michael was hilarious. He kept saying.."We are from Sweden." "We are from Scotland." "We are from Columbus Ohio." After said that they were from Sweden, he said "This song was written there, in Norway."

Next came Lamb of God. It took about 25 minutes to strip the set, which only built the suspense....FOR TEH SUCK! And and I purposefully exagerrated out distaste and hate toward Lamb of God. They are a band that can play their instruments, but their sounds just doesnt click. Every song featured a Slayer Riff, Pantera Riff, and mosh part. There was a small ammount of crowd-surfing. The security wasnt very good, in that, they dropped most of the surfers on their heads. When got up and walked away, I flipped them off and heckled them. On guy was told he was going to be kicked out as security walked him away, and he tried to grab the rail and grab my arm....I pulled away and flipped him off. I do not condone hooligans. When Randy came over to our side, we flipped him off. One girl got pulled over the rail, and layed on floor. She was crying, and after about 10-15 minutes, they came with a stretcher to take her away. After she was taken away, Randy told everyone to help people up if they fell (the best thing he said all night.)

I grabbed a crowd surfer's leg, to pull him out, and he sucker-punched me in the back of the head. It hurt...alot. It is still ringing a little. After the show, I caught a setlist, but I gave it to Brad, because I thought he was going to write the review.

Megadeth came on next. All I can say is WOW! They were amazing. Alot of sing-a-longs, and I faced the stark truth that I need to add a little more to my album collection. During Washington's Next, Dave actually sang, but I couldnt make out any of the words. During Peace Sells, Angela came out to sing with him, along with the SmashUp. I will leave Megadeth for Brad to review, since he also has the setlist.

After the show, I went to the merch booth and got the bandana and sweatband. I found a guitar pick on the counter that said "Roswell Crash Site" I didnt know which band it is from, but I asked the guy next to me if it was his, and he said no, so I took it. I also got two free Roadrunner Records samplers.

All in All: A very good show and an even better festival experience. Sorry for the shitty review, but Brad will come in and clean it all up for us.
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