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Gigantour 2006 -- Chicago, IL -- September 22nd, 2006

Tour: Gigantour 2006
Headliner: Megadeth
Support: Lamb Of God, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Overkill, Into Eternity, Sanctity, Smashup
Venue: Congress Theater, Chicago, IL
Date: September 22nd, 2006

The big question surrounding Gigantour for me this year was “do I want to sit through all of the lame bands to see Megadeth?” The answer, of course, was yes. Megadeth live is worth it no matter what the circumstances are! So, despite the various adversities, we decided to head for Chicago and catch Gigantour again this year. This report will mostly focus on Megadeth and Overkill due to my almost total unfamiliarity with all of the other bands.

Venue Report:
The Congress Theater in Chicago is an extremely old theater in one of the older neighborhoods in Chicago. The upkeep and maintenance of the theater has been ignored for years and it definitely showed. Much of the building was crumbling and broken down. But the stage and the floor were both fairly large for a theater. The acoustics were not great, but Megadeth sounded very good.

Crowd Report:
This was a very mixed crowd due to the diversity of the bands on this tour. It seemed like there was a little bit of every crowd represented from the old school metal heads to the goth kids that were only interested in Opeth. The moshing was hard and heavy during Overkill with two separate pits eventually merging into one large pit. I am pretty sure that there was some blood shed during that one. Besides that, there was some moshing and crowd surfing throughout the night during the other sets. Towards the end of Lamb of God, the singer encouraged the crowd to “get busy” and there was a large circle pit for the rest of their set. There were quite a few bottles and cups hurled on stage during LOG including one half-full beer that nailed and soaked one of the guitarists. I thought for a minute that he was going to go into the crowd, but he didn’t. There was some moshing during Megadeth, but not too much. There was just enough to re-organize the crowd and allow me to work my way closer to the stage.

Show Report:
So, as I stated before, I was not very familiar with any of the opening bands except for Overkill, so I will keep this brief. The Smashup were fairly straight forward and not very memorable. Sanctity were a little better with some interesting riffs. Into Eternity were extremely fast, but it just seemed to be for the sake of speed and not to serve the song. We missed Arch Enemy while in line for the Overkill signing, but that did not cause me any problems. I saw them open for Iron Maiden and was not interested in seeing them again. Opeth just did not do much for me, but the goth kids seemed to be in some kind of rapture. Lamb of God were just plain awful. How did those guys debut at #8 on the charts?

And then there was Overkill. Bobby Blitz and the boys stepped up and delivered an excellent old school thrash set that had many of the faithful banging their heads and singing along. At one point, Bobby said that it was good to see so many of the old guys and then he said “young guys, watch the old guys” and they launched into “Rotten To The Core.” I was a little disappointed that they did not play a couple of the songs that I was expecting, like “Nice Day For A Funeral” and “Wrecking Crew.” And due to the single stage, they went on before Arch Enemy and only got about 30 minutes. But it was a great set and I am looking forward to catching them again.

I doubt if any Megadeth fans ever go away from a Megadeth show disappointed and we certainly were not disappointed this year. However, there were some initial doubts. When we first arrived at the Congress we were informed that the Megadeth tour bus had broken down somewhere between Milwaukee and Chicago. They eventually had to rent transportation and they made it in time to hit the stage just a few minutes late. So we only got 15 songs instead of the 19 that they had played a few nights before. They cut 3 of the songs from “The System Has Failed” and they also did not play “Sweating Bullets.” But what they did play was outstanding! The band was extremely tight and the guitar solos by Dave and Glenn were excellent. “Devil’s Island” and “Take No Prisoners” were both highlights. The new song ‘Washington’s Next” also sounded really good. And all the standard songs were as good as they always are. Since the show was indoors this year there was no pyro, but I did not even notice until afterwards. I highly recommend catching Megadeth any chance you get and I am really looking forward to a normal tour next year once the new disc is out.

Megadeth Set List:

1. Skin O' My Teeth
2. Set The World Afire
3. Wake Up Dead
4. In My Darkest Hour
5. Devil's Island
6. She Wolf
7. Symphony Of Destruction
8. Take No Prisoners
9. Trust
10. Hanger 18
11. Kick The Chair
12. Washington Is Next
13. Tornado Of Souls
14. Peace Sells

15. Holy Wars

(80 minutes)

Megadeth Lineup:

Guitar/Vocals: Dave Mustaine
Guitar: Glenn Drover
Bass: James Lomenzo
Drums: Shawn Drover

Merchandise/Signing Report:
Due to the transportation problems, we did not get any autograph or photograph opportunities with Megadeth. They did manage to sign the lithographs that were given away with the “United Abominations” pre-order and we picked those up after the show. We did get to meet Overkill and I bought a copy of “Wrecking Everything- Live” to have them sign. They were very cool. Bobby Blitz came out first and walked the entire line to greet everyone and shake their hand. He asked what we thought of the show and thanked us for the support. Then about a half hour later he came back out with the rest of the band (except for D.D. Verni) to do the actual CD signing session. They seemed genuinely appreciative and thanked us again when we went through the line.
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