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Talking Queensryche -- New York, NY -- September 21st, 2006

This show was sooooooooo fucking amazing.

Operation: Mindcrime
Operation: Mindcrime II
Walk In The Shadows
Jet City Woman

Me and Iggyb387 showed up at Nokia Theater in Times square about 1.5 hours before the doors opened, which was about 2 hours before the show. It was worth it because we were literally right up against the rail and about 5 feet away from Michael Wilton.

A few interesting things... in the beginning of the first set, Geoff Tate was holding his "Somebody give Bush a blowjob..." sign upside-down, and I don't think he even realized. Also, at some point during Mindcrime II (possibly The Hands?) when he was leaning over the stage, he actually knocked over one of the lights, and I think broke it. But there was no difference in the lighting before and after it fell, so its not like it was a problem anyway.

Mindcrime was... well, it was about as amazing as the fucking album is, but more. I really like what they did with "The Mission," they really like changed up the structure and it worked even better.

I love the new "Circles," and it's totally like five steps up from the album version, hehe. Also, just wanna say... during every song in the whole concert, every single person was PERFECT. Geoff sounded awesome on every song. Wilton and Stone's guitar playing was amazing and just inspiring (to me at least ). Eddie handle bass awesomely, and even his backup vocals were right on. Scott was like some sort of maniacal beast behind the drumset and Pamela was just . Even the fucking actors were impressive...

Also, the new material IS great live, and the crowd (as far as I could tell from being right up front) liked it just as much as the first set.

The encores kicked ass. I would have like "Take Hold Of The Flame," but when you get right down to it, the songs they did play FUCKING ROCKED. So, I'm really glad they didnt just play Mindcrime II and leave, it would have sorta been a downer (but I love the way it says "The End" on the screen when its over ). Geoff and Pamela had like a million costume changes, but it wasn't lame like it could have been, it was just fucking cool. Eddie Jackson has a subtley awesome live presence, in that he never really overbears anyone else in the band, but you will never forget he's right fucking there rockin' the bass.

At the end, Michael Wilton, who had been making eye contact/smiling at me for pretty much the duration of Mindcrime and the encores (though during OM:II, he spent most of his time center stage soloing with Mike Stone). After the encore he must have realized what a motherfucker I am, cause he looked at me and motioned to me and threw his pick right at me . When the guy behind me jumped up and swatted it down he was just kinda like " :shrug:" though .

Anyways now I have a mancrush on Michael Wilton.

I probably wont go to school tomorrow cause I'm quite sick, but it sure as hell didn't stop me from enjoying this show (btw, I'm sorry if Geoff tate suddenly has a bad cold and tomorrow's show is cancelled ). Queensryche are a fucking awesome band. 10/10.

Edit: I took some pictures of the show with my phone and I'll put em up some time tomorrow. Also, I apologize in advance if parts of this made no sense, I'm really fucking tired.
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