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1.) War of Wrath
2.) Into The Storm
3.) Born In A Mourning Hall
4.) Another Stranger Me
5.) Bright Eyes
6.) Banish From Sanctuary
7.) Majesty
8.) I'm Alive
9.) The Script For My Requiem
10.) Mordred's Song
11.) Journey Through The Dark
12.) Punishment Divine
13.) Nightfall
14.) Lost In The Twilight Hall ****
15.) Valhalla ****

Acoustic set
16.) Harvest of Sorrow
17.) The Bards Song (In The Forest)
18.) A Past and Future Secret

Encore #1
19.) Wizard's Crown
20.) Somewhere Far Beyond
21.) And The Story Ends

Encore #2
22.) Mirror Mirror
23.) Imaginations From The Other Side

This was unbearably hard... 22 songs, shortest I could do. Unfortunately I had to omit some things that I really wanted, or it would be at around 30. Some I omitted but would like: Time Stands Still, The Curse of Feanor, The Last Candle, Lord of The Rings (acoustic), Theater of Pain, Under The Ice, The Soulforged, And Then There Was Silence, Another Holy War, Guardian of The Blind, Time What Is Time, Skalds And Shadows, and maybe 2 more from A Twist In The Myth.

OH! And since it's a "dream set", the **** means Kai Hansen would come out on stage and perform with them, just as in the studio versions.

THE WIZARD'S CROWN, how awesome would THAT be?!

If you can't tell I love this band and Imaginations From The Other Side is one of my favorite albums.
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