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ok, time i expressed meself about this show.
first off, i never gone into a gig as buzzed as i was. had to hang out at the SkyBox bar for a while til doors opened. wasn't much of a bother after i was invited into chat with a couple of chaps(fellow Tool fans) next to me. and we went in to enjoy the sounds of Isis. i loved these guys, the only thing missing were some trippy visuals. cant think of another opener as fit for Tool as these guys are.
from what i heard and read, the night before(thursday), was one of those historical days. the venue, i dunno if it sold out or not, but it seemed pretty damm full of fans. a girl commented she preferred the visuals they had for coachella. i agree. floor people couldn't really see the visuals much or at all unless they were up front or way in the back to see the jumbotron thing. guess that's what i get for getting a floor ticket...
i went in there, wanting a surprise. and i got it. the list being switched around was a good move, and having Lateralus close the night was friggin awesome. the 3rd thumb up goes to playing Wings 1+2 flawlessly, as far as i heard. it felt very spiritual, although they could'a had cooler light effects goin on i think,other than the visuals some of us couldnt see.
like i mentioned earlier, i am still disappointed with not getting to hear Right in 2 yet. it'sone of my faves off 10000days and no Opiate either although i read that it was supposed to have been played that night. bummer but Wings 1+2 kinda made up for those
the laser show was quite trippy, hehe. there was smoke floating around creating a clouds effect

MJK rants: besides thank you's; something about VIPs and how much he hates L.A. and how they might be allergic to it.....don't they all live there? silly MJK...
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