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Originally Posted by ADD
I'd rather have the odd nerdy than the total jackasses anyday There were definitely some cute girls in the audience though which was surprising.

I said that because the crowd was really tame during it, not sure why, perhaps it just isn't good "moshing rhythm" or something

You will hear either Right In Two or Opiate you mean And if you're lucky they'll bust out Wings finally Still though, I'd almost rather them not, the faggots there don't deserve to hear it and it'd be totally lost on them. I wouldn't want Maynard to be singing about his mom to that bunch of idiots.
haha, i didn't mean nerdy odd, i meant cool eccentric chaps. now THE worst weirdest crowd i've been a part of has been at Red Hot Chili Peppers show. people are WEIRD and complete jackasses. worst weirdest crowd i've been in....
yesss, i meant right in 2 or opiate
oh man, if they play Wings....i' ing

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