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Pig Destroyer -- Chicago, IL -- September 3rd, 2006

Source: FTS @ SMN's Forum

Now here's a show for I would have driven several hours to see: Venom, Goatwhore, Brutal Truth, and Pig Destroyer. Pig Destroyer should have directyl supported instead of opened.

I may never get to see Pig Destroyer. Sigh. Enough whining.. the partial out-of-order set list:

Cheerleader Corpses
Pretty In Casts
Burning Of Sodom
Dark Satellites
Trojan Whore
Painter Of Dead Girls
Boy Constrictor
Fuck You Up And Get High (Dwarves cover)
---- Plus More

According to their web site, Pig Destroyer will be finishing up a new album in December and then going places unknown on tour after that.

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