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Originally Posted by Miss.Selfdestruct
that's MY after gig place!

anywho, i'm mostly surprised by your reaction to "tool fans" although i understand about the Maynard worshipping clan and i have yet to experience a Tool gig in the floor section. SoCal and NorCal(i hate using these abbreviations but hey they're short) fans must differ. see, the tool fans i've noticed down here are odd Tool cult fanatics. the majority of male Tool fans are pretty cute and intelligent--as far as i've observed. the girls are mostly with the guy or are like moi and have excellent taste in music. OR are there for the Maynard.

Jambi's the one that did it for me in august, think i was the only one who was singing along...u know it's one of the best tracks on 10000days and it still doesn't "click" w/the fans, wth??? that part starting on 5:28,...i dunno how to explain it... i will either hear Rosetta or Opiate this friday then
I'd rather have the odd nerdy than the total jackasses anyday There were definitely some cute girls in the audience though which was surprising.

I said that because the crowd was really tame during it, not sure why, perhaps it just isn't good "moshing rhythm" or something

You will hear either Right In Two or Opiate you mean And if you're lucky they'll bust out Wings finally Still though, I'd almost rather them not, the faggots there don't deserve to hear it and it'd be totally lost on them. I wouldn't want Maynard to be singing about his mom to that bunch of idiots.
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