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Originally Posted by powerslave_85
Just got back from the Queensryche show. The first thing that struck me was the horribly lax security. I walked in the front door without recieving much more than a sideways glance from the guards. They simply checked my ticket and sent me on my way. No pat downs or searches. In a world post-Dimebag, this is absolutely inexcusable, and incredibly irresponsible. I could have walked in there with an assualt rifle and I doubt anyone one would have noticed. Sickening. Anyways, as has been the custom on this tour, the band took the stage about 20-25 minutes late. Geoff walked out on stage dressed in black and wearing sunglasses. They played the same setlist that they've been playing all tour:

The Whisper
Another Rainy Night (Without You)
Take Hold of the Flame
When the Rain Comes
Jet City Woman
Last Time In Paris
Silent Lucidity

The band seemed somewhat bored during the first set, but so did the crowd. I swear, I've never seen a more boring crowd in my life. Most were 30 or older, and 95% of the people on the balcony sat down the entire time. WTF?? I'm sorry, but you do NOT sit down at a rock concert. That's just blasphemy. My friend Aaron and I were seated in the front row of the balcony, and we were rocking our asses off the whole time. During the pre-Mindcrime intermission, a security guard actually came up to us and asked if we would mind sitting down or moving to the back because people behind us were complaining that they couldn't see. What. The. Fuck. He said he couldn't do anything about it, and that we could stand if we wanted to, but he said it might be best if we sat down. I told him we weren't sitting down, and we weren't moving, and he left us alone. Fucking whiners. This is a rock concert, not a damn movie theater!!

All was soon forgotten though, when they started playing Mindcrime. Holy shit, it was amazing. The band increased their energy tenfold, and the stage production was excellent, and really helped enhance the music. I'm not going to post the setlist, because pretty much everyone knows it or can read it from another review. Also, I'm not going to say much about the stage show, because it's best left a surprise, but trust me, it's great. The highlights for me were "Revolution Calling," "Suite Sister Mary," and "The Needle Lies," which totally fucking rocked. At the end of the show, the played their new song "Hostage" over the PA and a video clip announced O:MC II. All in all, it was an absolutely amazing show, and the band was great, especially Geoff and Pamela Moore, who did backup vocals. It was a truely awe-inspiring sight to see this album performed live like that!
* Lack security IS bullshit, even for this crowd.

* People sat in SF too. Total bullshit.

It sounds like you the same kind of experience (minus the guard thing in the balcony) as us.
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