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Sat. Sept 9th - IRON MAIDEN - AMOL&D (Virtual Show)



It has been a while Metalsetlist !!!

Ok, I know I'm not arround here at as much as I was, and I know , well I think that some of you US fans are really angry at Bruce's comment over the USA (and quite frankly, most of the times I really understand you guys.) . But I think we'll all agree that he's a goddamn good singer.

I don't know if you got to hear the new album but I hope to see some of you in here SATURDAY SEPT 9 TH , at 9 : 30 pm EASTERN TIME for what I will try out, my vision of what the upcomming A Matter Of Life & Death setlist should be. I know it will not happen, much too long set. Let's call it my dream setlist but with songs that fit the whole AMOL&D mood.

Anyway, if you feel to party & listen to a great Iron Maiden virtual show, ,just be here with your Maiden cd's & some beer, it would be really fun.

ps: If some of you don't know what a virtual is, it's is really simple, I do an Iron Maiden concert here in my living room just like a real show, and I post the songs in real time when they start. You just have to play the songs too, I soon as I Post them on. I always leave a few seconds between songs to give you time to react. And post your comments or smilies during the show.

And for those who knows what the fuck to do, I hope to see you, headbangers, Rivetheads and earthdogs...

Also: every song of the concert will have a backdrop !!!

Up The Irons !!!

Cheers !!
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