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Icarus Witch -- Allentown, PA -- August 25th, 2006

Yep, that's right. I went to a concert. First time I've been to one I haven't played at in like 3 months. I actually didn't go because I was a prior fan of any of the bands... I went for basically 2 reasons:
1.Read 3rd sentence in my post.
2.My good friend Tony put the show together.

So, my good friend John (theclansman1114) showed up at my house around 5:30... after some random bullshit and the watching of a glorious Savatage bootleg DVD, we left for the place around 7:30... it's only like a 5-10 minute drive and doors opened 8. I had never been to the venue (Sterling Hotel) before, and I was very surprised. This place is tiny, and there's no stage, just a seperate area of the floor. We met up with some friends and just hung out for the first hour... Turnout was poor... at first I thought it was just cause it was early but this was not the case. Alright, onto the band reviews.
The first band was a really pathetic local band. My band had to play with them back in May, and they got even worse. We retreated to the back of the place to ease the pain. They did a short set, just a half hour, so by 9:45 the pain was over... Around 10, the next band came on.
The second band was Beyond Fallen, from Wilkes-Barre, PA. I had heard good things about them, so we went up front. Overall, I was very impressed. Their musical style can best be described as old Iced Earth - meets Painkiller-era Priest. Some great riffs and such, I was impressed and bought a CD.

Beyond Fallen set list:
2.Lost In the Shadows
3.Mask of Deception
4.The Lowest Point
5.Chasing Infinity
6.Fuel the Fire
7.Concrete Lucifer
8.The Rise of the Fallen
9.Painkiller (Judas Priest cover)

They ended around 11, and after their set my friend and I talked to them, particularly the singer about how people like us are what's keeping metal alive today, and that how it really is a life-style, not just music. REALLY cool guy.
So, Icarus Witch came on around 11:30.

Icarus Witch set list:
1.Winds of Atlantis
2.Storming the Castle
5.Capture the Magic
6.The Ghost of Xavior Holmes
7.Darklands intro
8.Nemeton Forest
9.Queen of Lies
10.Ripper (Judas Priest cover)
11.Curse of the Ice Maiden
12.Dragon Ryder

Overall, I was VERY impressed. My previewing of their music online did not do them justice in any way. They put on a great show. The musicianship is amazing. After seeing their two guitarists and bassist play some of their leads and harmonies together, I feel like a lot lesser of a player. Also, the sound mix was basically perfect. Guitars were the right levels, the vocals were loud enough, it was just great sound and they put on a great show as well. I would've picked up a CD but after getting the Beyond Fallen CD and some water my funding was down to like $2 and I didn't feel like being in debt to my friend.
We left around 12:30... I guess that's about it... Enjoy the review.

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