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Seven Witches -- Allentown, PA -- February 12th, 2005

They shot for a DVD at this show.. unfortunately the venue tried to kick out most of the under 21s at 10 PM. Read the Blabbermouth story.

01. Dance With The Dead
02. Apocalyptic Dreams
03. Metal Tyrant
04. The Answer
05. Johnny
06. Can't Find Me Way
07. Incubus
08. Metal Asylum
09. Warmth of Winter
10. Camelot
11. Nature's Wrath
12. Cries of the Living
13. Passage To The Other Side
14. Mental Messiah (with a portion of JUDAS PRIEST's "Victim of Changes" inserted into the end of it with Rivera covering Rob Halford's infamous scream)

Source: Blabbermouth
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