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Originally Posted by sneakbobcat
I haven't got aenema yet.
I only started buying albums last year. And with only 50 a month it's hard for me to pay for both gigs and albums. I don't download music either. So i only have 10,000 Days, Lateralus and Undertow.
I love the music from Aenema the times i've heard it, but I haven't got the album yet so i couldn't really request songs from it.
I have only seem them live the once and they played Right In Two and Schism.
We got an extended version of Stink Fist and and Schism, plus a drum solo in 46 & 2 last time. So next I'm wanting to see Parabol or something, because i really want to see them play that one.
Ahh right on.

In 2002 they did the extended versions of both those songs, but not this year for my show. The "drum solo" you speak of is actually part of the song Forty-Six & 2, unless you mean it was something totally seperate from the part on the album version
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