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Originally Posted by ADD
Not bad Personally I think the order of your set could be a lot better, plus I'm not big on songs like Right In Two or Schism (which I've already seen twice). You're not a big fan of Aenima I see?
I haven't got aenema yet.
I only started buying albums last year. And with only 50 a month it's hard for me to pay for both gigs and albums. I don't download music either. So i only have 10,000 Days, Lateralus and Undertow.
I love the music from Aenema the times i've heard it, but I haven't got the album yet so i couldn't really request songs from it.
I have only seem them live the once and they played Right In Two and Schism.
We got an extended version of Stink Fist and and Schism, plus a drum solo in 46 & 2 last time. So next I'm wanting to see Parabol or something, because i really want to see them play that one.
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