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Originally Posted by sneakbobcat
I'm gonna put the set I'd like to see them play next when i see them in November:

1. Lost Keys
2. Rosetta Stoned
3. The Patient
4. Schism
5. Wings For Marie
6. 10,000 Days
7. Prison Sex
8. Undertow
9. Stink Fist
10. Intension
11. Right In Two
12. Vicarious
13. Lateralus
14. Parabol/a
15. Aenema

I'm trying to be realistic here. But i do realise the chances of Prison Sex and Undertow being played are very low.
Not bad Personally I think the order of your set could be a lot better, plus I'm not big on songs like Right In Two or Schism (which I've already seen twice). You're not a big fan of Aenima I see?
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