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Originally Posted by The Mighty Metal Pete
Set The World Afire
Skin Of My Teeth
The Scorpion
Wake Up Dead
Something I'm Not
In My Darkest Hour
Angry Again
Of Mice And Men
Killing Road
A Tout Le Monde
Die Dead Enough
Reckoning Day
Tornado Of Souls
Kick The Chair
Hangar 18
Back In The Day
Sweating Bullets
Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars

Comments.....sell-out show...Scorpion sounds awesome live.....anyone dissing this band without seeing them is not to be trusted...this band is awesome....weird seeing James(on bass) playing with a pick(it looked awkward to him)...Dave responsed to someone hollering "F*ck Metallica" with "no thanks, they'd probably lke it". Cracked me up. Dave is very appreciative of the crowd.

Source of list, me!
Damn, I wish they'd played the Scorpion in Milwaukee
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