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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
Given where Bodom originated, I doubt they included metalcore elements out of artistic inspiration. They largely ditched their uniqueness (melody, keyboards) on their last album.
you misunderstand me . . . i never said i like AYDY, in fact i think it is their worst album, i just think that their change in direction was a musical decision not an economic one.

Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
We disagree on Doomsday.
listen to it again
that being said, anthems is an amazing album as well

Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
All metalcore sounding the same is like saying all death metal sounds the same or all black metal sounds the same, or all thrash sounds the same, or all...... There's a lot of people that say metal all sounds the same... Go figure.
how about this . . . . metalcore is a more constricting genre. If a band is metalcore it is going to sound a lot like all otehr metalcore bands. Look at black metal for instance . . . there are symphonic BM bands like Dimmu and Emperor, there are necro Bm bands like Goatwhore and Darkthrone, there is techno-Bm like The Kovenant and Deathstars, there is Viking BM like Amon Amarth and later Bathory, there is Folk BM like Finntroll and Moonsorrow, there are prog BM bands like Borknagar and Wintersun, the pioneers like Bathory and venom, and a shitload more.

Licten to the top 10 metalcore bands on itunes, i garantee you they will all sound very similar

btw, another blanket statement buy MD888, all death metal does sound the same

Trivium is a bit clonish to my ears... I already have other clonish bands in the position they would occupy. [/quote]
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