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Originally Posted by MetalDrummer888
maybe they just felt like incorporating some metalcore elements because the felt like it, not because they thought it would get them more fans

doomsday has much more inspired guitarwork than anthems imo

yea there are the whiny pop vocals

You know what will survive? A band like Edguy or Dream Theater that has uniqueness and talent and inspiration in every album and every song . . . not some shitty metalcore band that sounds like all the rest.

btw what does the sentence "This thread started out on Nu (Rob) and Anthrax (thread)" mean?

yes, a band called trivium

every other album by every other metalcore band that i have heard has sounded almost exactly the same to me . . . at least bodom still has a unique sound
Given where Bodom originated, I doubt they included metalcore elements out of artistic inspiration. They largely ditched their uniqueness (melody, keyboards) on their last album.

We disagree on Doomsday.

All metalcore sounding the same is like saying all death metal sounds the same or all black metal sounds the same, or all thrash sounds the same, or all...... There's a lot of people that say metal all sounds the same... Go figure.

Trivium is a bit clonish to my ears... I already have other clonish bands in the position they would occupy.
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