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Originally Posted by MetalDrummer888
Oh My God!!!! A Metal band is getting press, and is finally on a show on tv so i can watch them . . . they are now so popular they can tour regularly in the US . . . they must be selling out!!!

well that is a personal preference . . . i didnt like the new album either, but it doesnt mean they sold-out.

I dont know how you can find Doomsday Machine to be uninspired.

jazz and bluegrass are much more emotional and challenging forms of music to play . . . most metalcore bands are cookie-cutter produced and lack any real talent or creativity . . . try coming up with a metalcore song . . . there really is nothing to it. besides those genres have both withstood the test of time and excersize a huge influence on today's pop music. Watch how long metalcore stays popular . . . just like disco the hype will die down and all the kids who listen to it just because they think its cool will stop . . . and those metalcore bands will be left without a fanbase, realease a best of, and then die.

Listen to the basic rhythms of Bodom's last album and relate them to the mainstream metal market. Bodom's last abum fits well on Ozzfest's second stage. Bodom is certainly trying to appeal to much wide audience. Fans usually consider that selling out.

Compare Doomsday with its predecessors. The riffing is far more basic than the first two Angela albums and those are far less complex or extreme than the first three. Nemesis was their big single..does that sing along really compare with the nasty lyrics from their past?

Jazz and bluegress challenging? Sure, they can be but anyone can make a cookie cutter album in either of those genres too. There's more to good metalcore than the breakdown and one note rhythms. To some people, metalcore is their music. They can play it with as much passion, piss, and vinegar as in any metal genre. You're right about the longevity factor but that can be said about a lot of music; there will be bands that survive, just as bands from my school days have survived. This thread started out on Nu (Rob) and Anthrax (thread). Both those genres are in legacy mode. Metalcore will largely go the same way.. and then there will be something new.

It really makes me laugh when people play the music superiority game. It's usually a ritual of justifying one's preferences and feeling better about their own music. Let people have their music, whatever it is.
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