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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
Bodom is well on their way to selling out. The amount of press Alexi has received this last year has been a total media blowjob. Bodom's first three albums compared to their last reveals an incredible movement toward mainstream metal, especially that which shows up regularly on the Headbanger's Ball. Those kind of compromises smell like "selling out" to me, a compromise in an artist's musical integrity for the sake of a dollar.
Oh My God!!!! A Metal band is getting press, and is finally on a show on tv so i can watch them . . . they are now so popular they can tour regularly in the US . . . they must be selling out!!!

Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
I'm not against a band making a dollar (or lots of them, for that matter) but when I detect a change massive change away from a sound I really like, it had better be good. I find the change in Bodom's to be uninspired and generic, not unlike what Arch Enemy has done with their last album.
well that is a personal preference . . . i didnt like the new album either, but it doesnt mean they sold-out.

I dont know how you can find Doomsday Machine to be uninspired.

Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
Dismissing metalcore as a genre for being terrible is as close-minded as condemning blue grass or jazz. A lot of metalcore outfits execute well but its basic rhythm and structure may not be your thing. That's far from being necessarily terrible.
jazz and bluegrass are much more emotional and challenging forms of music to play . . . most metalcore bands are cookie-cutter produced and lack any real talent or creativity . . . try coming up with a metalcore song . . . there really is nothing to it. besides those genres have both withstood the test of time and excersize a huge influence on today's pop music. Watch how long metalcore stays popular . . . just like disco the hype will die down and all the kids who listen to it just because they think its cool will stop . . . and those metalcore bands will be left without a fanbase, realease a best of, and then die.
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