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Originally Posted by MetalDrummer888
make no mistake, i was highly dissapointed by that album to, but it is not metalcore . . . it has some metalcore elements, but if you think that is metalcore then that just shows how little you know. Listen to bands like Lamb of God or Killswitch Engage and you will fully understand how terrible metalcore is instead of just dissing it because you think it is cool. Maybe you dont like the musical direction they have taken lately but that is an opinion, it doesnt mean they "sold out." Also, i dont see how you can possibly say that bodom commercialized . . . i think a more proper term would be "they got popular." You may not understand this with your head in the clouds, but being a musician is a job and they have to make money. Children of Bodom is not like your folk metal bands that think having fans is selling out. They are in it to make money, and if that means advertizing more and promoting their music more then so be it. they have been touring almost non-stop and they deserve a fan boost. I don't think you even understand what commercializing is really. commercializing is what rappers do . . . endorsing shoe and clothing companies, making their music videos into fasion shows. What you you really need to understand is there is a difference between selling-out and becoming popular because of exellent musicianship and rigorous touring. Besides AYDY? is hardly a commercial record . . . it is arguably their heaviest and is far less melodic or catchy than hatebreeder, FTR or HCDR. Ever considered that maybe bodom changed their sound to be more metalcore, not to sell-out and become popular like you assume, but because they were influenced by bands they toured with and wanted to incorperate a sound they liked into their music?

If you think bodom has sold out then you dont know what the fuck you are talking about.

Bodom is well on their way to selling out. The amount of press Alexi has received this last year has been a total media blowjob. Bodom's first three albums compared to their last reveals an incredible movement toward mainstream metal, especially that which shows up regularly on the Headbanger's Ball. Those kind of compromises smell like "selling out" to me, a compromise in an artist's musical integrity for the sake of a dollar.

I'm not against a band making a dollar (or lots of them, for that matter) but when I detect a change massive change away from a sound I really like, it had better be good. I find the change in Bodom's to be uninspired and generic, not unlike what Arch Enemy has done with their last album.

Dismissing metalcore as a genre for being terrible is as close-minded as condemning blue grass or jazz. A lot of metalcore outfits execute well but its basic rhythm and structure may not be your thing. That's far from being necessarily terrible.
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