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Smile 3 Inches Of Blood -- San Francisco, CA -- March 30th, 2005

TOUR:3 Inches Of Blood
SUPPORT: Trivium, The Agony Scene, Still Remains, Hightower
VENUE: The Pound -- San Francisco, CA
DATE: Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
ATTENDED W/: The Mickster
REVIEWED: August 1st, 2006


Hecho introduced me to 3 Inches Of Blood, Hell, I think he introduced 3 Inches Of Blood to most of the board back in November or December of 2004, just months after we went online. Hecho has not led me astray in recommending bands, including the mighty Judas Fucking Priest. ALL HAIL THE CAPS LOCK KING! The Mickster was my co-conspirator on this little adventure for which I was in a much mood better than my turn in the barrel at Cryptopsy, no fault of which was the bands I emphaszie again.

First up was a local (to San Francisco) band called Hightower, a three piece largely playing instrumental metal in front of a quilted bed sheet like backdrop, probably designed to covered 3IOB’s equipment or backdrop. Their music felt like a punky thrash thingy covered with a sprinkling of Sabbath. The Mickster and I bought a couple of cheap beers ($3 beer at the Pound ALWAYS makes me happy) and just chilled. Despite the small crowd, Hightower totally put out as if it was a huge gig. I love that in a band. They were so damn good that night that I’m a bit hesitant that I’ll be disappointed the next time I see them. We bought their self-titled CD after their set, happy to support these guys. Without a doubt, Hightower is probably my favorite of all the local bands I’ve seen come through the Pound. Their set list (which the band wrote down for me.. very cool):

Force and The Fury
I Am The Wallride
Swamp Dollars

Still Remains came up next. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very memorable. And no, I don’t mean they fucked it up; they were playing the generic metalcoreish stuff you hear at so many concerts. In my notes, I wrote “Bleeding Through Meets Shadows Fall”, two bands to which I was just beginning to get some exposure. I’d probably react more civilly to their music now than then because there’s a couple of metalcore bands I like now and understand the genre a bit more. However, what sticks in my mind about Still Remains has NOTHING to do with their music. The fuckers kept flashing the goofiest horns EVER at the crowd. I hate it when bands beg like a dog on skid row. Come to think of it, the Pound is in a really bad neighborhood. Nevermind.

The Agony Scene trotted out next, but unfortunately, the most memorable moment of their set was the Mickster eating a cheese burger from the Pound’s kitchen. The Pound is my absolutely favorite concert venue but I’d probably eat there only if I were starving in a time of nuclear war or great famine. I tried one of his fries on his dare. Do you remember the Beavis and Butthead episode where they cook up some fries in a vat of oil along with some dead insects and a mouse? That’s what it tasted like, even worse than Shoreline’s food.

Sometime during their set, we ended up on the patio drinking a couple of beers with Jake from Hightower. We really enjoyed just hanging out, hearing about their band, their friendship with 3 Inches Of Blood (why Hightower was supporting), where they had been, and all that shit. After such a pigfuck of a concert, just hanging out was what I needed more than anything. I think we ended skipping Trivium’s set entirely, which I originally wanted to sample because of their upcoming slot on Ozzfest. The “I think” is there because I don’t remember Trivium ever hitting the stage. And no, I wasn’t fucking hammered.

We wrapped up our meandering when 3 Inches Of Blood hit the stage. Their backdrop was an enlarged version of their album cover... no surprise for a band with only one album. My big shock was that they had two vocalists, one screeching and growling as screeching goes in metal and another screeching but also hitting the falsetto’s. With his beard and all, the falsetto guy looked like Gimbli singing tales of total orc destruction. The other guy, more regular looking but not a phil unit, didn’t face the crowd that much, usually, turned to the side.

3IOB launched with the first track off their album, Fear on the Bridge (Upon the Boiling Seas I) and continued on with Destroy The Orcs (KILL THE ORCS! DESTROY THE ORCS!) and Deadly Sinner. We heard three more songs before having to leave and unfortunately, I couldn’t identify specific titles. The set list isn’t too hard to figure it out.. the band basically plays their our album in its entirety. We have support sets for them in our archive and I have a later headlining set list for a future review, but you have to wait another five years for me to write it.

What I can say about 3IOB’s music? Kind of power metalish at times but not in a strit Helloween sense. Their vocals have a lot of Halford in them; their lyrics, fabulously ridiculous. You’re damn right I want to go to a concert and sing about killing orcs. If your metal is too serious for Dungeons & Dragons shctick, you’ve probably got a halfing-sized battle mace stuck your up ass.

This night was more about hanging out with a good friend than attending a good concert (not a judgment on any of the bands), so I’ll be holding back on Eddies for 3 Inches Of Blood until I write my aforementioned headlining review. With the clock ticking, that will be in four years, eleven months.....
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