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Angry Cryptopsy -- San Francisco, CA -- March 14th, 2005 (Review Only)

SUPPORT: Cattle Decapitation, The Autumn Offering
VENUE: The Pound -- San Francisco, CA
DATE: Tuesday, March 14th, 2005
ATTENDED W/: Bouville
REVIEWED: July 31st, 2006


I don’t remember much about this concert. It’s been too damn long and I was pissed off about something or other. Bouville and I were late for some damn reason, which I was probably constipated about since I really wanted to check out a full set by the Autumn Offering. Instead, we caught the last couple of songs. Their front man was cool and wrote down their set list for me afterwards:

Doomed Generation
Bonds In Which We Break
(new untitled song)
Great Escape

In fact, I remember that he seemed very appreciative that we were taking an interest. When bands are paying their dues and clawing their way up, it makes an huge impression when they will actually stand around and talk with you. That makes me want to help them out. Bouville and I both ended up buying CDs from them. I’ve even listened to it a few times, although not recently.

I know, I know... They’re metalcore, so fuck them. Well, the Autumn Offering has metalcore elements, but it isn’t metalcore. There is some old school (specifically thrash plus some melody and actual guitar solo’s) in their music and that’s probably what has bent my ear toward a liking.

Bouville went to the rail for Cattle Decapitation and I just fucking pouted in the back of the Pound, standing back against the wall of the soundboard station. This may have been my first real grindcore concert. You think I’m going to going to look it up? Fuck you. I’m getting pissed off just thinking about this night. Is this fucking review over yet?

Cattle Decapitation’s vocalist, Travis Ryan, looked like a typical Phil unit in Silicon Valley. How that mother fucker made the noises he did, I’ll never know. Not only does he makes completely inhuman noises, he can spit up on himself and front row rail denizens at the same time. That probably scores him lots of chicks. Bouville considered himself baptized. Anyway, Travis just totally kicked ass on stage. In fact, the entire band kicked ass on stage. Ok, now I’m feeling not so pissed off but I’ll probably work myself up in a minute.

Fuck their set list. Go buy Humanure and listen to it in the morning before you have to deal with your bullshit day. The experience might even be an improvement on “Kill & Destroy” and certainly, the ten minute slaughter house outro, Men Before Swine, will give even you sick fucks something to think about. Vegan humor, you just gotta love it.

Bouville returned briefly with that “I’m saved and not going to Hell” look you see on the faces of Sunday morning evangelicals. Clearly, he was having an excellent concert. I was still relatively miserable and wanted to go home but I’m pretty this sure this was the concert / tour when Lord Worm returned to Cryptopsy, so I bit my tongue and just toughed it out. I stood impatiently not giving one shit while one of the best drummers in death metal put on an exhibition. I have no idea what they played. All I remember is a massive drum rig and a lot of white blinders.

Fuck everyone. No one gets Eddies this time.
Jaco died for our sins so that modern bass players could be free to play more and be heard.

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