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Luca Turilli

Ok we all know Luca Turilli's solo project has never really done a live concert, but if they ever did, here is my ideal setlist for a Luca Turilli concert. With Olaf Hayer on vocals, Luca Turilli on Guitar, Sacha Paeth on bass, Robert Hunecke Rizzo on drums, and Alex Starpoli on Keyboard (notice i didnt say Miro, since he left the band).

-Secret of Forgotten Ages
-War of the universe
-Rider of the Astral Fire
-Angels of the winter dawn
-Zephyr Skies Theme
-The Miracle of Life
-The Age of Mystic Ice
-Mother Nature
-Black Realms Majesty
-Pyramids and Stargates
-Warriors Pride
-Mystic and Divine
-Prophet of the Last Eclipse
-Kings of the Nordic Twilight
(encore 2)
-Black Dragon
-(Timeless Oceans played over the PA)
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