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Originally Posted by DethMaiden
To which statement?

I'll respond to each:

Silent Lucidity may be "un-metal", as they tried to put it, but it's a fucking essential ballad. And BYD...TTS does something that Maiden tunes rarely let you do: just sit back and rock out. No thinking required there.

And to the second, Kiss fans who go out and buy the Kaskets, the pinball machines, the hats, the thongs (sandals and underpants), the action figures, and the Nerf guns are slaves to the system, and if VH1 says something, well by God, it's the truth.

I wasn't angry, I was thinking. About the second statement. That could be because Vh1 plays something on KISS at least twice a year, so I can see why certain people would look to them as an authority.
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