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Originally Posted by DethMaiden
Yep, that's about right!

Kiss have a tendency to write some of the catchiest music in the world.
You know what, I'll take that one step further and say THE catchiest. Because even after the coffins, the scabs in Peter and Ace's make up, Gene's delusional ramblings and magazines (not to mention the rumor that he had sex with over 4,000 women has been officially proven to be bullshit), and the fact that they've REALLY outstayed their fucking welcome; after all that, the fact that I can put on Black Diamond (and purchase about 20 of their songs on iTunes) and still enjoy is a testament to the greatness of KISS songs. Guns N' Roses can only wish for that to happen.

If that isn't a bumfucking miracle, then miracles don't exist.
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