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Unholly Alliance -- San Jose, CA -- July 19th, 2006

Im not to into writing long concert reviews so this will be a quick one.

The Shark Tank was a suprisingly good venue . . . the entire venue was general admission so me and my friend (DreamEvill001) grabbed seats as close to the stage as we could get and waited for the concert to start

Thine Eyes Bleed
Dont know their songs but they sounded fucking sick . . . like at the gates meets amon amarth . . . pleasant surprise because i thought that they were some shitty metalcore band

Children of Bodom
When Children of Bodom hit the stage i could stay in my seat any longer . . . we got a women next to us to save our seats and fought our way to the front . . . buy the end of silent night bodom night (the first song) we were one row away from the rail.

Their setlists was pretty much the same that its been for the entire tour, but sixpounder was ommitted


Neither of us are mastadon fans, so we went back to our seats . . . since i dont know their songs very well i cant realy tell you the setlist, but i do know that they played one new song from blood mountain called "Circle of the Cysquatch"

Lamb of God
God, this band sucks ass . . . endless chug riffs with no melody . . except for their one good song (Layed to Rest) I sat with my fingers in my ears and waited for the onslaught of shitty music to stop.

Finally slayer came on, opening with the eery guitar intro to South of Heaven. When the lights came on we could see that the stage set was 2 gigantic upside down crosses made out of guitar amps and a huge screen in the back which hurled violent images mixed with the slayer logo and strobe-light speed. Slayer sound amazing live . . . everything seemed right on except their new drummer doesnt do lombardo's fills very well.

South Of Heaven
Silent Screams
War Ensemble
Blood Red
Mandatory Suicide
Seasons In The Abyss
Chemical Warefare
Hell Awaits
Dead Skin Mask
Raining Blood
Eyes Of The Insane
The Anti-Christ
Angel Of Death

Here are some shots i took of slayer with my camera phone:
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