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Originally Posted by overkiller
Dude, don't take this too harshly, but instead of saying something pointless I'm gonna tell you that you need to start thinking of better song titles. Losing Faith, Bring Me Down, The One, Blood and Tears, Memories, Breaking the Chains, We Will Rise? Not only are those lame and cliched, but some of them are already song titles anyway. Constructive criticism.
Usually constructive criticism doesn't include the word "lame"... and seriously, what the hell does it matter? There's TONS of bands out there that have songs that share their titles with other songs by other bands, it's not NEAR as big of a deal as people make it out to be... What really matters is the songs, not the titles... which you haven't even heard, so don't pass judgement on them... I don't care that the song titles are common, I do however care that the songs were named appropriately for the lyrics, and the songs themselves aren't generic... Unfortunately this comes with the territory of posting JUST the titles on this board when I believe 3 members of this board besides myself have ever even heard us...
And also, don't talk to me about generic-ness... you have Blackie Lawless as your avatar, and WASP are KINGS of generic-ness in all sorts of forms...
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