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Oh and this is worth mentioning:

There were some retards directly behind us who, as soon as the first band took the stage, started the whole "GET OFF THE STAGE... EM-PE-ROR, EM-PE-ROR" bullshit, which wasn't so bad during the godawful Starkweather, but as I mentioned Daylight Dies were pretty good, so it got really fucking old by then. These idiots definitely didn't look 21 but somehow they managed to get their hands on a bunch of beer, and they obviously had way more than their pussy asses could handle, because by the time Emperor took the stage they were like... fucking falling over and babbling incoherently. One of them kept falling on us, trying to use us to hold himself up, pulling my buddy's hair etc., and we kept trying to push him away... anyway, point of the story, one of these idiots was starting shit with some random guy and was just generally making things unenjoyable for everyone around him, while his friends just tried to hold him back and the chick they were with just bitched and cried and shit. Eventually somebody got a security guard and they got kicked out like 2 songs into Emperor's set

They had this one chance to see Emperor and they fucked it up and will most likely never see them again
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