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Originally Posted by Maiden33

... and I forgot to mention the strange twist to all of this...

... with about 2 or 3 songs left in the set list... something caught my eye in the crowd... and then I realize who it was...

... about 9 weeks ago we had announced a new drummer, but things went wrong very quickly, and within 4 weeks we kicked him out... well, it was more like he threw a fit and walked out because he thought it was outragious of us to ask him to learn 2 songs in 2 weeks... the kid was a REAL ass hole, we were glad to see him go, no matter how much it jeopardized this show at the time...

... and he was at the show.
No, he hadn't put his stupidity behind him, he was there, drunk as hell, making stupid comments, basically making a complete ass out of himself... we seriously thought he was gonna try to start something with us, but he left... it was fucked up.
That sucks
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