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Necromance -- Northampton,PA -- July 13th, 2006

Alright, so I guess I'll start with the set list:

Intro: Gamma Ray - Induction
1.Losing Faith
2.Aces High (Iron Maiden cover)
3.Bring Me Down
4.The One
5.Blood and Tears
6.I Want Out (Helloween cover)
-short intermission-
8.Revelations (Iron Maiden cover)
10.Believe (Savatage cover)
11.Breaking the Chains
-dueling guitar solo-
-drum solo-
12.The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover)
13.We Will Rise
Outro: Hammerfall - Im Memoriam

So, as you may or may not know, this was out final show under the name Necromance... We've decided to change our name... it's also the final show our long-time drummer and friend Nick was doing with us. The other 4 of us will be continueing to play mostly the same music, just renaming the band, and subsequently be taking a hiatus to find a drummer, work on new music, and all that good stuff...

Anyway, the gig itself...
The show was at an area festival/fair type-event called Northampton Community Days... there were various other attractions both musical and otherwise...
The show wasn't just us... in fact it served as a reunion of sorts with the local band Arcanum, with who we played 3 of our first 4 shows... It was really cool to get to see them again, as they are friends of ours and we hadn't seen most of them in almost a year... Also, it was nice to finally have a band on before us who wasn't scaring people away... They played an hour set between 7 and 8...
So, there was about a half-hour changeover so we could change up all the gear and hang our logo banner... we hung out for about 10 minutes after that... and then it was time to cue up our intro music... it was a whole lot of anticipation... just standing there for about a minute and a half during this epic and ominous intro... before we knew it we were like 4 songs into the set...
The show was not without problems... there was a ton of cables running every which way, making it all too easy for me to get myself tangled up in everything... the short intermission allowed us to straighten all that out... the keyboard we were using for a few songs wouldnt cooperate with us, and the biggest problem of all was that the place we were playing had some real acousticsissues... you could tell it wasn't built for a metal band to play at... depending on where you stood onstage you got a completely different scope of the sound, leading to all sorts of technical issues...
There was a pretty good turnout... about the average amount of people there that specifically came for us... but due to the location of the gig, there were all sorts of people there for other reasons that stopped to watch the show, when we started there weren't that many people there, but all of a sudden like 2 songs into the set I suddenly looked out and it seemed like the lawn was packed with people... Overall, it was a really cool gig... I think we went out with a bang... a real unique show to end with... when the outro music started it was really emotional... to come to the edge of the stage and do all the post-show greetings and such... it was nice, yet very weird knowing we'd never do it again as Necromance...
I mean, I feel I'm getting too overemotional with this, because there's a good chance I'll be on-stage again with 3 of the 4 other people within 4-6 months...

But yeah... enjoy.
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