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Originally Posted by DethMaiden
You'd ought to review it too. At least tell them some of the funny shit you were telling me today...

Mods, this was May 11th, Cincinatti, you can fix the title.

Sorry to revive this thread...but here it goes.....

The day began well with an anxious day at High School. I spent alot of the day preparing with DethMaiden on what it was like when he went to Bogarts and things like that. When I got home, my brother and I chilled in our rooms and we watched a few music videos and played Inner Circle and Soundtrack to Your Escape in their fullest. My uncle picked us up (my brother and I) around 5:50 and the doors opened around 6:30, so I was kinda pissed off. On the way there we listened to a little bit of Evergrey and Nevermore to get in the mood.

When we got there we parked and walked up to the venue. This was my first metal concert (besides Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Def Leppard) so I was kinda "shy" around all the drinkers, smokers, and emo punks. We walked up to the merch table and I grabbed a This Godless Endeaver Tour shirt and a Monday Morning Apocalypse shirt (apparently each band picked their own name for the tour.) My brother also got a Godless Endeavor Shirt and an In Flames shirt.

We walked onto the floor and grabbed a wall spot about 25 or 30 feet from the stage. We could see the stage fine and dandy. I was a pussy and didnt want to go into the ground because of 1) all of the faggy karate kids with their emo Come Clarity shirts and 2) the big burly dudes in the cannibal corpse and Pantera shirts. I was quite content with setting my 6 dollar water and my paper on the ledge and standing behind my 250 lbs body building uncle

Pantera and Black Sabbath were played over the intercom. When Evergrey came on, they got right to the point. They introduced themselves and started into the first song. Where I was standing, I had no light, so I had to just right on the paper and trust that it was orderly and the words werent running into each other. I recognized a most of the short set. There were about 8 songs altogether in their 25 minute set. I enjoyed them and so did the rest of the crowd; not being rowdy but instead respectful.

After Evergrey left the stage, the lights came back on and I looked at my paper. The pen hadnt worked and I only had the indents of the words on the paper. The ink wasnt working, so I had merely "carved" the words. I was pissed. I fooled with my pen and tried to re-write over the words.

About 15 minutes later Nevermore came on. They were great. They played the set I posted earlier. Alot of energy. The singer is ugly as sin but he put on a good show in his cowboy hat. I experienced the same problem with my pen as with Evergrey. During Nevermore's show (about 35 minutes.) Chris Broderick was a good filler for Steve Smyth and the other guy from Iced Earth was a good filler for the bassist. During the set, I noticed this huge guy with a bandana and a football jersey. This guy was big; probably 6'2 and 300 lbs. He was walking around the small mosh pit and he approached an emo. Now, this emo was no ordinary emo. He was doing karate mystical ninja shinto dance/dance/revolution spellcaster shit in the middle of the floor. It looked like he was having a seizure and trying to cast a curse upon his rivals at the same time. So this huge guy walks up to the karate kid, gives a look, and proceeds to shove this emo straight to the floor.....It was hilarious. The kid dropped like a lead rock.

After Nevermore, we had to wait about 25 minutes and Throwdown came on. They seemed to be cheap Pantera rip offs. The singer had the stage persona of Phil Anselmo. But the guitarist was a punk rocker, so. They really delivered the energy that night. I didnt like their music, but the energy they created in the room was awesome. There was a wall to wall circle pit. they played a Dimebag tribute which was touching. Their set lasted about 45 minutes to and hour.

One funny moment was also in the pit. I saw another big guy pick up a smaller friend and run from the very back of the floor to almost the front of the pit (about 25 feet) and just LAUNCH this kid over the heads of the fans. He lands over the retaining "gate" and the security guards chucked him back over.

We waited 20 minutes between shows. A really fat roadie came out and started tuning guitars. He walked up to the mic and talked into the microphone for about 7 or 8 minutes (obviously testing the mic at first, but then just fucking around.) He was speaking straight Swedish and he would stop every so often to make a fat piglet little laugh sound. Then In Flames came on. They had a cool light show. By the time they were into their second song, I had outsmarted my pen problem. I used my brother's phone to text the song titles or lyrics to my own phone....

In Flames had a good show, despite the lack of some of their older stuff. I think this setlist is better than their SOTU one though. Anders was dressed like a prick with his dress shirt and tie (very unmetal) but he knew how to work the crowd. I loved the drummer and the guitarists looked cool as they headbanged in synch with each other. I was standing at such an angle, so that I could see offstage. I spotted the fat roadie again and he had now removed his shirt. He was calling the name of the drummer and finally caught his attention. He started licking his fingers and fondling his own hairy chest and nipples

A good show overall. I left the venue deaf.

I would like to see a more intense In Flames set, a longer Evergrey and Nevermore set, and a more non-existent Throwdown set.

Overall: 7.5-8/10 eddies
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