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When are the bands scheduled to play at my show? Good question. They are late with posting the show set times once again. It depends if you get Ozzy, what stage he plays, etc. Here is the basic set time info for each show, use your head and figure it out for your date until does their job and posts the set times:

Rotating Bands-20 Min
Unearth/Bleeding Through/Norma Jean-30 Min
BLS/Atreyu-40 Min

Dragonforce-25 Min
Lacuna Coil-35 Min
Hatebreed-45 Min
Avenged Sevenfold-40 Min
Disturbed-60 Min
Ozzy/SOAD-75 Min

Arrive at the shows early so you can get a wrist band. Those who get to the shows early get a wrist band which allows closer access to the second stage. Only 3000 wristbands will be handed out per show. The second stage has a barracade this year seperating those who have the wrist bands and those who do not have wristbands. So if you wanna get close to Ozzy, BLS, Atreyu, etc... get their early and get your wristband.

Most venues allow you to bring a One Gallon container of Food and One Liter of Water into the venue as long as the containers are clear and you can see thru them.

Most venues allow disposable cameras. Some do not. To be safe, crotch it and sneak it in.

The following bands are signing at the FYE tent this year: Disturbed, Hatebreed (2:15pm), Dragon Force (1:00pm), Lacuna Coil, Between The Buried And Me, A Life Once Lost, Strapping Young Lad, Unearth, Full Blown Chaos, Walls Of Jericho, Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Norma Jean, The Red Chord. In order to meet those bands at the FYE tent first you need to purchase one of their albums at the FYE tent for 20$. When you purchase a bands album (for example if you buy a Lacuna Coil album you get to meet Lacuna Coil.) then you get a wrist band that allows you to meet the band you purchased a CD for. Ozzy, System Of A Down, and BLS do not sign at FYE or Jagermeister. I am unsure if Avenged Sevenfold signs.

Most of the bands who sign at FYE will sign at the Jagermeister booth afterwards. You will get a free poster and the band signs it for you. Unlike FYE this is free, but not all of the bands participate.

Each 2nd Stage band is allowed to sell 2 merchandise items. They are sold at the second stage area. Mainstage merch is sold through the venues usually at the entrances and sides of the seated areas in the amphitheaters. Price of shirts for mainstage bands is 35$ and second stage bands is 25$.

Each year they give away a FREE Ozzfest sampler. Here are the songs on the sampler for Ozzfest 2006:

1. Ozzy- Miracle Man
2. Unearth- Giles
3. SYL- You Suck
4. Dragonforce- Through The Fire & Flames
5. The Red Chord- Black Santa
6. All That Remains- The Calling
7. Walls Of Jericho- Trigger Full of Promises
8. Full Blown Chaos- Solemn Promises
9. A Life Once Lost- Vulture
10. BTBAM- All Bodies
11. Cellador- Seen Through Time
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