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Originally Posted by sylpriest
As much as I like BLS....Zakk is a poser. He's not this tough biker guy he makes himself out to be.

The one thing that annoys me the most is every damn interview he still brings up Dimebag. EVERY INTERVIEW.

"So Zakk what do you think of shoes?"
"Well Dimebag and I were great lovers of shoes. Dimebag once bought me a pair of shoes."

I mean I'm sorry he died but be like the rest of the world and get over it.....
i dont think zakk said he was a tough biker hard ass....he just acts like that...that is his lifestyle.....HE WENT 76 DAYS WITHOUT BATHING....I think he just does what he does to do it.

dime only died a year and a half forget the loss of a friend is not as easy as just "getting over it."
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