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Dragonforce -- Sydney, Australia -- May 17th, 2006

Fury of the Storm
Black Fire
Operation Ground and Pound
Fields Of Despair
Body Breakdown
Trail Of Broken Hearts
Dawn Over a New World
Keyboard Solo
Soldiers Of The Wasteland
My Spirit Will Go On
Through The Fire and Flames
Heart of a Dragon
Valley Of The Damned

Source: Hail Metal

(Typical First Strike Set List)
Storming The Burning Fields
Fury Of The Storm
Once In A Lifetime
Operation Ground And Pound
Trail Of Broken Hearts
(keyboard solo/guitar solo)
Fields Of Despair
Heart Of A Dragon
Through The Fire And Flames
My Spirt Will Go On
Valley Of The Damned

Source: SymphonShed @ The Dragonforce Forum

All of us should listen to more DragonForce.
Jaco died for our sins so that modern bass players could be free to play more and be heard.

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