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Queensryche -- Springfield, IL -- November 18th, 1991

Building Empires Tour
Prairie Capitol Convention Center
Springfield, IL
November 18, 1991

1. Resistance
2. Walk In The Shadows
3. Best I Can
4. Empire
5. The Thin Line
6. Jet City Woman
7. Roads to Madness
8. Another Rainy Night

9. I Remember Now
10. Anarchy X
11. Revolution Calling
12. Operation Mindcrime
13. Speak
14. Spreading the Disease
15. The Mission
16. Suite Sister Mary
17. The Needle Lies
18. Electric Requiem
19. Breaking the Silence
20. I Don't Believe in Love
21. Waiting for 22
22. My Empty Room
23. Eyes of a Stranger

24. Della Brown
25. Last Time In Paris
26. Silent Lucidity

Vocals: Geoff Tate
Guitar: Michael Wilton

Guitar: Chris Degarmo
Bass: Eddie Jackson
Drums: Scott Rockenfield

Opening Act: Warrior Soul

1. Intro
2. Interzone
3. Drugs, God And The New Republic
4. Hero
5. Lullaby
6. The Wasteland
7. Four More Years
8. The Losers

Springfield, IL gave the Building Empires Tour a much better reception than Nashville, TN had (see previous review). Warrior Soul was a better opening act than Suicidal Tendencies. If you have never heard Warrior Soul you should check them out. They are from Detroit and have their own lyrical twist on politics and life on the streets. I think that they only released 4 CD's of which the first 3 are very good.

I was able to work my way forward during this show to a fairly good vantage point just a few rows from the stage. This show featured 3 songs that were not played earlier in the tour: Another Rainy Night, Della Brown, and Last Time In Paris. It was cool that they changed the set list around a little bit. Another Rainy Night was good live. The band did seem a little tired, as this was towards the end of the American leg of the tour. This was still an excellent show even though the acoustics in the smaller arena were not as good. Mindcrime still blew me away!

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