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Queensryche -- St.Louis, MO -- May 3rd, 1991

Building Empires Tour
St. Louis Arena, May 3, 1991

1. Resistance
2. Walk In The Shadows
3. Best I Can
4. The Thin Line
5. Jet City Woman
6. Roads to Madness
7. Empire

8. I Remember Now
9. Anarchy X
10. Revolution Calling
11. Operation Mindcrime
12. Speak
13. Spreading the Disease
14. The Mission
15. Suite Sister Mary
16. The Needle Lies
17. Electric Requiem
18. Breaking the Silence
19. I Don't Believe in Love
20. Waiting for 22
21. My Empty Room
22. Eyes of a Stranger

23. Take Hold of the Flame
24. Silent Lucidity

Vocals: Geoff Tate
Guitar: Michael Wilton
Guitar: Chris Degarmo
Bass: Eddie Jackson
Drums: Scott Rockenfield

Opening Act: Suicidal Tendencies

The first tour that Queensryche headlined was also the first tour that they played the entire Mindcrime album. It was excellent. I caught the tour 3 times: St. Louis MO, Nashville TN, and Springfield IL. The Springfield show had Warrior Soul opening.

For anyone that loves Mindcrime, this was the tour to catch. The video screens, light show, theatrics, and of course, the music were all unbelievable. The Operation LiveCrime DVD does not do this show justice. The sound quality was excellent. After I saw the show in St. Louis, I knew my friend had to see it as well. The closest date for him was Nashville so we did the road trip. Nashville had no idea what to make of this heavy metal show. Suicidal hit the stage and the crowd just looked on with blank stares. They had no idea what was going on and Queensryche got pretty much the same reception. There were small pockets of people on their feet but most of the crowd just sat and watched. We had Ryche shirts and somewhat long hair, which had various people before the show asking us if we were with the band, ha ha! That was quite funny. Looking back on it, we should have said "yes we are" to the girls who asked us that question! (Always say yes when chicks ask if you are with the band!)

Overall, I would rate the St. Louis show in my top 3 of all time (I have been to 125 concerts). When "I Remember Now" started playing the crowd went absolutely nuts. "There, that should do bastard!" The entire Mindcrime set was just a frenzy of metal madness. The crowd and the band were totally into the show. In Nashville the crowd was laid back and in Springfield the band was at the end of a very long tour and they seemed pretty tired. But in St. Louis everything just came together for a perfect night of Metal.

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